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Property law

Advice in real estate (private contracts)

  • Assistance with acquiring or transfering property and proprietary rights
  • Assistance in setting up simple and complex operations
  • Energy performance certificates, soil pollution, listed installations
  • Compulsory and optional insurance
  • Drafting and/or analysis of construction contracts (business contracts, site
    management, sub-contracting)

Commercial leases (advice - litigation)

  • Drafting leases
  • Assistance with lease negotiations
  • Drafting assignments of commercial leases
  • Support for managing commercial leases (renewal, notices to quit, termination,
    assessment of rent, assessment of eviction compensation)
  • Assistance with negotiating contracts to assign commercial leases
  • Proceedings before the Commission of commercial leases
  • Proceedings before the rental payments Judge
  • Proceedings to implement a right of termination - eviction
  • Court Expert survey to assess rental values and eviction compensations
  • Commercial leases litigation