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Tax law

Tax investigations and litigation

  • Accounting audits and examination of personal tax situations (ESFP - examen de la situation fiscale personnelle)
  • Appeal procedures and interlocutory actions
  • Support before relevant Commissions and Courts
  • Managing cases before the Commission of Tax Violations (CIF - Commission des
    Infractions Fiscales)
  • Tax recovery litigation
  • Home inspections
  • Specific investigations of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) tax documentation

Restructuring and shareholders’ equity operations

  • Tax auditing of business reorganisation or external expansion projects
  • Due diligence
  • Tax aspects of operations : analysis of operations, recommendations as to business
    projects, implementation and monitoring
  • Foreign investments and establishment

Group taxation

  • Reorganisation and rationalisation of groups (mergers, partial asset transfers,
    demergers, transfer of all assets)
  • Strategic determination of scope of tax consolidation
  • Preparation of accounts
  • Analysis of transfer price, drafting of documents related thereto
  • Modes of acquisition and financing of property investments
  • International VAT, analysis of exchanges and effects of Incoterms
  • Intra-Community VAT

Wealth management and tax optimisation

  • Taxation of directors
  • Preparing tax returns : Personal Income Tax (IRPP - Impôt sur le Revenu des
    Personnes Physiques), Wealth Tax (ISF - Impôt sur la Fortune), Property Tax
    (Revenus Fonciers)
  • Optimising your wealth : leases for construction, Property Investment Company
    (SCI - Société Civile Immobilière), separation of property rights, temporary
    transfer of usufruct, conditional reduction of gift taxes (pactes Dutreil)
  • Rental of furnished professional and non professional properties
  • Real estate taxation
  • ISF and small and medium sized companies investment
  • Donations
  • Preparing the transmission of your business

Risk management

  • Audit of tax risks
  • Assisting businesses

- within the framework of procedures for prior approval : financial approvals -
carrying forward losses, contributions followed by distribution of shares -
takeover of industrial businesses in difficulty
- preparing official requests for a ruling by tax authorities according to the
specific tax legislation in respect of a particular business situation

  • Foreign investments and establishment

Taxation of associations

  • Diagnosis of tax risks relating to the management of the association
  • Strategic restructuring : takeover, pooling of material and human resources,
    formulating recommendations and using appropriate methods
  • Controling the development of competitive activities : division into sectors,
    establishment of subsidiaries, putting in place agreements governing the relations
    between the association and its subsidiaries